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Faithfully Triumph over the Temptation of Gambling
7 Steps to Overcoming Gambling Addiction
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Please explore Joe's insightful interview on the W2 Prison Break show, where he delves into the motivations behind his book, his journey into the realm of gambling, and his aspirations for the impact of his work.

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About the Author: Joe Amaturo

Hello there!


I'm Joe, and I'm living proof that recovery from gambling addiction is possible. After struggling with gambling for five years, I found myself in a cycle of relapse and despair. Despite my efforts to quit, I lacked the willpower to break free from its grip

However, my turning point came when I surrendered control and reached out for help. That pivotal moment, where I humbled myself and sought guidance, led me to a path of recovery. With the grace of God and dedication, I've been free from gambling for over 15 years now.

My journey wasn't a quick fix; it required commitment and perseverance. But through the steps I took to reclaim my life, I discovered a newfound sense of purpose. Today, I'm passionate about assisting others in their own journey towards freedom from gambling addiction.

If you're battling with gambling addiction, know that you're not alone. Together, we can embark on a journey towards healing and reclaiming the life you deserve. Let's take that first step towards a brighter future, one free from the shackles of addiction.

Do i have a gambling problem?

1. do you have an Obsession with Gambling?

One of the most common signs of gambling addiction is the obsession that comes with it. Gambling addicts are obsessed with gambling and may be preoccupied with gambling to the point that they don’t care about anything else. Compulsive thoughts about gambling or gambling obsessively to the point in it causes other problems in your life are just a few of the common signs of gambling addiction.

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What is Gambling

Gambling happens when you play any game of chance or skill, in which you stake something valuable that has the potential for a prize win.


Often, people who gamble risk money in hopes of winning a greater sum of money. For example, you might risk the cost of a lottery ticket for the chance of winning a large multimillion-dollar jackpot.


When we think about gambling, often places like casinos or racetracks come to mind, but gambling occurs in other places too, like gas stations, church halls, sporting events, and on the Internet.


Common forms of gambling include:

  • Lottery games like LOTTO 6/49 or LOTTO MAX

  • Instant games like scratch cards

  • Bingo games and Nevada tickets

  • Sports betting

  • Dice games

  • Casino games like slot machines and table games

  • Card games

  • Horseracing

  • Video lottery terminals

The Science
Science behind why we gamble
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