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Family Quality Time


Experiencing the impact of a loved one's gambling addiction can evoke feelings of frustration, concern, and apprehension for their welfare. My familiarity with this issue stems from personal experiences on both sides of the addiction spectrum – as both a concerned family member and as an individual struggling with addiction.

Below will explore several crucial considerations to bear in mind before engaging in a dialogue with a loved one regarding their gambling behaviors.

Helping Those with
Gambling Issues

Set up an initial discussion

Assisting a loved one with their gambling addiction can be a challenging and often frustrating endeavor. My personal experience, having been in both roles – as the concerned family member and as someone grappling with addiction – lends insight into this journey. Consider booking a coaching session with Joe to gain valuable feedback and guidance as you support your loved one through this process.

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See Something Say Something

If you observe certain irregularities in your family member's behavior, such as:

  • Hiding mail from you

  • Withholding financial information

  • Being unusually preoccupied with their phone

Approach the situation with sensitivity. Avoid confrontation, as they may deny or become defensive. Instead, initiate a gentle conversation to express your concerns and offer support.

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